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About First Orbit Sounds Music

About First Orbit Sounds Music

First Orbit Sounds Music was founded in 2009 with the sole mission to foster and produce original music in the improvised genres. The label’s goal is to present the deep, multi-dimensional, and rich tonal ideas found in today’s modern composer’s expressive palette. The label produces new and original music, spanning from impressionistic chamber ensembles to modern fusion and world traditions, with the desire to expand and enrich the artistic colors of today’s ever changing musical landscape.

First Orbit Sounds Music is located in Northern California where the musical scene has been influenced by the numerous cultures, traditions, and ethnic groups residing in the area. All this elements have helped develop a widely diverse and unique music atmosphere which is reflected in the works of the composers and performers in the region. First Orbit Sounds Music seeks to capture and present such new voices and share them with audiences all around the globe.